Phillip Schofield leads paper bottle revolution in Parliament to mark second anniversary of the Frugal Bottle

Phillip Schofield leads paper bottle revolution in Parliament to mark second anniversary of the Frugal Bottle

British sustainable packaging company Frugalpac is marking the second anniversary of its Frugal Bottle with news that it is set to produce its two millionth paper bottle in 2022.

Frugalpac also unveiled the latest customer for its Frugal Bottle, which is made from 94% recycled paper and is five times lighter than a glass bottleTV presenter and wine expert Phillip Schofield.

At a Parliamentary reception to mark the launch of the paper bottle two years, Frugalpac revealed that as its Frugal Bottle uses six times less carbon than a glass bottle and four times less water to produce and dispose of, the company will manage to save 932 tonnes of CO2 and 3.8m litres of water.

That’s the equivalent of saving CO2 emissions from:

  • Charging 113 million smartphones
  • 2.3 million miles of driving in a petrol car
  • 11 full 747 transatlantic flights from Heathrow to JFK
  • The equivalent of CO2 sequestered from 1,103 acres of forest

The 2 million Frugal Bottles will also manage to save the equivalent of one and a half Olympic sized swimming pools.

The Frugal Bottle is now used by 27 wines, spirits and olive oils brands around the world, and is on sale in Japan, North America, the UK and across Europe and soon to launch in South Africa.

Frugalpac has enquires to make 120m Frugal Bottles from drinks producers around the world and after recently selling its first Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine, it also has strong enquiries from 90 other international brand, contract packing and packaging companies to buy more paper bottle machines in the next few months.

Phillip Schofield, who spoke at the Frugalpac parliamentary reception, will launch his Phillip Schofield red, white and rosé wines, which are currently available in bag-in-box by the UK’s leading provider of wine in alternative packaging, When In Rome, in Frugal Bottles later this year.

Since launching with one wine brand Cantina Goccia in July 2020, producers from around the world have launched wines, spirits and olive oils in the Frugal Bottle.

They include The English Vine’s No1 and Bacchus, Signal 7 Wines in the US, Spain’s Planet B by Bodegas Murviedro, Bacosol from Fernando Castro and a range of red, white and rosé wines from the UK’s leading provider of wine in alternative packaging, When In Rome.

It’s also used by Silent Pool’s Green Man and Gyre & Gimble, a range of flavoured vodkas from Flawless Vodka, a Mexican organic tequila Buen Vato from Sweden’s Alias Smith, a French Calvados from Avallen Spirits, South African wines from Interpunkt and Italy’s Evviva and Greece’s AONES for olive oil.

Future USA releases in the Frugal Bottle will include wines from Melody Lynne Vineyard and a vodka from Half Shell Vodka by Florida’s Distillery 98.

Frugalpac has also recently secured the first customer for its paper bottle machine which makes the Frugal Bottle.

Canadian packaging firm KinsBrae Packaging has agreed a deal to buy the first Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine – called FBAM-1 and install it in Canada.

The FBAM-1 is capable of producing more than two and a half million Frugal Bottles a year.

KinsBrae Packaging, which is based in Cambridge, Ontario, will seek to meet the local Canadian and USA demand for the Frugal Bottle.

Frugalpac has been praised by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade’s GREAT Britain campaign as one of the UK organisations “doing incredible things to help build a global sustainable future” in the run up to last year’s COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.

The company’s vision is to place bottling machines in the heart of bottling plants, co-packers or packaging companies around the world to reduce the carbon footprint of its sustainable packaging even further – creating eco-friendly Frugal Bottle hubs around the world.

Polling by Survation found that 63% of UK wine drinkers would buy wine in a paper bottle.

Frugalpac Chief Executive Malcolm Waugh said:

“This has been a great British innovation and the Frugal Bottle is really leading a global paper bottle revolution.

“Within two years of launching we’ve now seen 27 wine and spirits brands move to our paper bottle, produced two million Frugal Bottles and sold our first machine.

“Frugalpac also has enquiries to order more than 120 million Frugal Bottles from drinks and olive oil brands around the world and a further 90 companies keen to acquire a Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine.

“Our aim is to export these British paper bottle machines around the world so we can reduce the carbon footprint of our sustainable packaging even further. We’d particularly like to thank the Department for International Trade for championing our young business and helping us secure business aboard.

“We’re looking to save the planet one bottle at a time and in two years our Frugal Bottles are on course to cut carbon emissions by nearly 1,000 tonnes. We look forward to helping the drinks industry decarbonise even further.”

Phillip Schofield said: “We really must do all we can to make wine drinking more sustainable. That why my wines have only been available in bag in box. But the Frugal Bottle innovation blew me away so I’m delighted to announce my wines with When In Rome will soon be available in the world’s only commercially available paper bottle.

“So I was honoured to be able to make the case for sustainable packaging in parliament and support Great British Green Innovation.”

Phillip recently told the London Wine Fair about his involvement with paper bottles: “I want to take over the world in cardboard!”

Rob Malin from When in Rome added: “We passionately believe in paper bottles that are not only five times lighter than glass bottles, but also uses up to six times less carbon to produce and dispose of. That’s why we’ve made our wines available in the Frugal Bottle and will soon add Phillip’s wine into paper bottles too.”

Ceri Parke, co-founder of Cantina Goccia, who first used the Frugal Bottle said: “We were proud to be the first company to use the Frugal Bottle. We’re so convinced with its sustainable credentials; we’ve launched a further two wines in the paper bottle and have committed to producing 80% of all our wine in Frugal Bottles.”

The parliamentary reception was held at the House of Commons, with speeches by Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh, Phillip Schofield, and Frugalpac’s local Ipswich MP Tom Hunt.

Tom Hunt MP said: “I’m incredibly proud to have this world leading business in Ipswich. I visited in February and have heard about all their plans to expand. It’s great to see such an important and innovative company employing local people in Ipswich. “With their paper bottles, Frugalpac have developed an eco-friendly way to manufacture and package wines, spirits and olive oils. Their bottle uses 6 times less carbon than a glass bottle and 4 times less water. Apart from those strong sustainable credentials, the bottle is lightweight and stylish.”