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19th January, 2022

Cantina Goccia launch second Frugal Bottle wine

Cantina Goccia, a small Umbrian winery that was the world’s first to use a paper bottle, is releasing its second wine ‘Celi’ in the Frugal Bottle – the world’s first commercially available paper bottle for wines. ‘Celi’, an Etruscan name meaning the month of September when the wine is harvested, is a blend of 60% […]

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6th December, 2021

When In Rome, Use a Paper Bottle

We’re very pleased to welcome another new member to the Frugal Bottle family. The UK’s leading provider of wine in alternative packaging, When In Rome, has announced that Ocado will stock its first wine in our paper bottles. When In Rome’s CEO Rob Mallin said: “We’re delighted to announce Ocado Retail Ltd as the UK […]

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17th November, 2021

100 million green bottles

Demand soars further for Frugal Bottles as low carbon and low energy alternative to glass. Meet the company looking to save the planet one bottle at a time by cutting the carbon footprint of wine bottles by 84%. British sustainable packaging company Frugalpac has seen recent demand soar for its Frugal Bottle – the world’s […]

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3rd March, 2021

Cheers Rishi! British manufacturer of world’s first paper wine bottle praises Chancellor’s Super Deduction to help sell machine platforms

British sustainable packaging company Frugalpac, manufacturer of the world’s first commercially available wine and spirits bottle made from recycled paper, has welcomed the Chancellor’s decision to introduce a Super Deduction in his Budget. The move, which would allow businesses to claim 130% of their new machinery cost as a tax cut, will be “a massive […]

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