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22nd April, 2020

New coffee cup study shows recycled paper coffee cup has 60% lower carbon footprint than normal cups and would save more than 200 billion litres of water and up to 200 million trees a year

A ground-breaking new study released on Earth Day (April 22) reveals the world’s first recyclable coffee cup made from recycled paper, the British-made Frugal Cup, has a carbon footprint up to 60% lower and a water footprint up to 74% lower than conventional and compostable cups that would globally save up to 200 million trees […]

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9th April, 2020

Bywaters and Frugalpac: Sustainable Coffee

We’re Bywaters, a sustainability and waste management company based in East London. In this guest post, we’re talking about our project with Frugalpac, and how together we’re working to make London’s universities more sustainable. At Bywaters, our clients expect us to provide the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions possible. So, when we launched our […]

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4th July, 2019

Frugalpac expands team with new Sales Manager

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our team! George Rumble joins the team at Frugalpac to support the company’s growth and drive further sales of the Frugal Cup to coffee shops across the UK, as a sustainable alternative to their existing disposable cups. Having been recognised as the Foodservice Packaging Association’s Rising Star […]

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5th June, 2019

Frugal Brits back UK coffee cup revolution

A petition started by eco-influencer Madeleine Olivia in partnership with Frugalpac – manufacturer of the UK’s first fully recyclable cup made from recycled paper – has reached over 6,000 signatures, just in time for World Environment Day on 5th June 2019. As figures from Eunomia Research & Consulting suggest that the UK uses as many […]

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22nd May, 2019

Broadcaster Gemma Cairney gets behind the Frugal Cup

British radio personality and eco-warrior Gemma Cairney has combined her love of fashion and passion for ethical living, working with Frugal Cup – the UK’s first fully recyclable and made from recycled paper – to create a bespoke, limited edition design as part of thee #getFrugal campaign. Coffee lovers will be able to find the […]

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15th December, 2018

15 minutes to enjoy your coffee, eight minutes to recycle the cup

“Visiting the Simply Cups show was great for us,” says Malcolm Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac, “it meant that we could catch up with the industry face-to-face and let them know what’s really going on with Frugal Cup.” Frugalpac’s lead product, the Frugal Cup, will come to market in the UK at the end of January […]

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