92 Degrees Coffee of Liverpool becomes a Frugal Cup pioneer

92 Degrees Coffee of Liverpool becomes a Frugal Cup pioneer

The Baltic Roastery coffee shop in Liverpool, owned by 92 Degrees Coffee, has followed The Docks Coffee House of Southampton in becoming another pioneer of the first fully recyclable coffee cup made of recycled paper, the Frugal Cup.

According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eunomia Research & Consulting, the UK is set to throw away one third more single-use coffee cups than at present, by 2030.

Designed specifically to combat this, the ‘Frugal Cup’ offers an environmentally friendly solution for cafes and consumers seeking an alternative to non-recyclable disposable cups. Fully recyclable and made from 96% recycled materials, the Frugal Cup consists of two elements that separate so both the paperboard and food grade liner can be easily recycled during the standard recycling process.

The cup is being trialled by 92 Degrees Coffee and aims to raise awareness of the level of coffee cup waste in the industry and kick off the ‘recyclable cup revolution’ among consumers and the industry alike; by stocking the cups at one of its coffee shops located in the Baltic Triangle, the creative and digital Quarter of Liverpool.

AJ King, of 92 Degrees Coffee commented:

“We are delighted to be piloting Frugal Cups at our Baltic Roastery location, as they are the only fully sustainable option currently on the market. Frugalpac is a company that we see making big steps in the right direction and this trial  is part of our sustained effort to be environmentally-friendly.

“We’re committed to working with suppliers to ensure environmentally sustainable practices from farm to cup; and now this will extend to the coffee cup in the customer’s hand. We’re delighted to help the reduction of coffee cup waste in the UK and encourage our customers to recycle their coffee cups after use.”

Malcolm Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac, said:

“We’re delighted to welcome 92 Degrees Coffee onboard to support the #getFrugal campaign. To have the backing of such a popular venue is the best way to spread the word about the innovative Frugal Cup, the first fully recyclable paper cup made of 96% recycled materials that can also be recycled as part of the mainstream process. A coffee shop at the centre of such a vibrant city, 92 Degrees Coffee is in a great position to help shift industry-wide attitudes on the recyclability of coffee cups, with the aim of working towards an environmentally sustainable economy. This is the start of the #getFrugal revolution in Lancashire!”

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