Why special bins won’t reduce cup waste

Why special bins won’t reduce cup waste

It feels like stating the obvious, but putting special bins in coffee shops is not going to reduce paper coffee cup waste.

People use paper coffee cups when they want a take away coffee.

Take away. The clue’s in the name.

They’ll buy a coffee, leave the coffee shop, go to work, hop on a train, wander off into the park to contemplate the rest of their lives. Whatever.

They’re not then going to return to the coffee shop in order to dispose of the empty cup in a special bin.They want to get rid of them wherever they are.

If the aim is to reduce paper cup waste, we need a paper cup that’s disposable in any recycling bin, as part of the standard waste stream.

Fortunately, we’re making one. The Frugal Cup is made in a completely different way to others on the market. It’s genuinely recyclable and what’s more it’s made from recycled paperboard.

We launch in the UK at the beginning of 2019. Yes, it’s taken a while but genuine innovations always do.