World’s first paper wine bottle launches in Canada

World’s first paper wine bottle launches in Canada

The Frugal Bottle, the world’s first and only commercially available paper bottle for wines, spirits and olive oils is now on sale in Canada.

Cantina Goccia – an award-winning Italian winery – has launched its 3Q Umbria Rosso red wine in the Frugal Bottle in a bid to help eco-conscious consumers cut their carbon footprint.

It is now on sale in 285 LCBO stores in Ontario and Frugalpac is calling on consumers and the drinks industry to join the paper bottle revolution.

Launched first in June 2020 and securing headlines around the world, the Cantina Goccia 3Q Frugal Bottle has twice sold-out, with one wine chain, Woodwinters in Scotland, selling its whole stock in just one day. Cantina Goccia have now pledged to produce 80% of all its wine in paper bottles.

Made from 94% recycled paperboard with a food-grade plastic pouch to hold the liquid, the paper Frugal Bottles have a carbon footprint up to six times (84%) lower than a glass bottle. Weighing just 83g before filled, it is almost five times lighter than a normal glass bottle, making it easier to carry and lighter to transport, further helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the drinks industry.

Cantina Goccia owner, Ceri Parke said:

“We are delighted to launch our award-winning red wine 3Q Umbria Rosso in the Frugal Bottle here in Canada. For us, this is about offering a much more sustainable form of packaging to consumers.

Sustainable practices in the vineyard are important but when more than half our carbon footprint comes from packaging and transport, then it is time for us producers to take action.

We passionately believe this is a real game changer for the wine industry and we are now moving 80% of our production from glass bottles to paper ones.

We want consumers to join the revolution and understand that great wine can come in alternative forms of packaging.”

The family-run Italian winery strives to reduce its environmental footprint by implementing a wide range of innovative measures: from regenerative farming practices such as cover crops, and significantly reduced tilling of the land, to applying energy-saving initiatives such as the installation of solar PV panels and heat pumps to produce its award-winning Umbrian wines as sustainably as possible.

DB Wine and Spirits Founder Dan Barrett, said:

“We are passionate about bringing exciting new wines from around the world to Ontario and I am delighted to promote the 3Q Umbria Rosso in the Frugal Bottle to over 250 LCBO retail outlets here. It has been met with great enthusiasm and excitement so far.”

Malcolm Waugh, CEO of British sustainable packaging company Frugalpac that makes the Frugal Bottle, said:

“We wish Cantina Goccia all the best as they launch the paper bottle revolution in Canada.

“We know there will be a huge market there, created by eco-conscious Canadian wine lovers who want to drink more sustainably.”

Cantina Goccia’s 3Q Umbria Rosso is an unoaked Sangiovese with a hint of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is available from LCBO stores priced $16.95 or you can buy it online in Canada here.