Broadcaster Gemma Cairney gets behind the Frugal Cup

Broadcaster Gemma Cairney gets behind the Frugal Cup

British radio personality and eco-warrior Gemma Cairney has combined her love of fashion and passion for ethical living, working with Frugal Cup – the UK’s first fully recyclable and made from recycled paper – to create a bespoke, limited edition design as part of thee #getFrugal campaign. Coffee lovers will be able to find the cup in cafés and coffee shops across the country this spring and summer and it will also be available at Gemma’s pop-up area at Glastonbury Festival’s Green Futures Field this June.

Frugal Cup – an alternative to non-recyclable disposable cups

According to a report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Eunomia Research & Consulting, the UK is set to throw away a third more single-use coffee cups than at present by 2030. Designed specifically to combat this, the ‘Frugal Cup’ offers an environmentally-friendly solution for cafés and consumers seeking an alternative to non-recyclable disposable cups. Fully recyclable and made from recycled paper, the Frugal Cup is designed by UK-based Frugalpac and consists of two elements that separate so both the paperboard and food grade liner can be easily recycled during the standard recycling process.

Gemma said:

“I’m no stranger to early mornings and can often be found with a coffee in hand from my favourite coffee shop. So, I was gobsmacked when I found out that less than 5% of the paper cups coffee shops use actually end up being recycled. I consider myself to be somewhat of an eco-enthusiast and I like to think that I do my bit for the environment by popping my rubbish in the correct bins, but what I didn’t realise is that many paper coffee cups aren’t easily recyclable. They are often coated in plastic and made from materials which don’t break down very well in the standard recycling process.

“Frugalpac’s new Frugal Cup is different. It’s made using already recycled paper, is the first completely recyclable paper cup able to be fully recycled as part of mainstream process, plus it can be thrown into any recycling bin when finished with – which I think is great! This is why I’ve teamed up with Frugalpac to help make some noise around the ‘recyclable cup revolution’ and inspire more lovely people to get involved to do their bit to reduce the amount waste currently produced from coffee cups. My design is inspired by one of my style icons… Blossom, from the 90’s TV show. Sunflowers are my most favourite flowers too.

“I’d like to ask anyone who cares about the impact waste has on the environment to make their local coffee shop aware of the Frugal Cup. You can even take to social media by posting a picture of yourself holding a paper coffee cup branded with ‘Where will I end up?’ and tagging your chosen coffee shop to encourage them to make the switch. Recycling is key to a sustainable future and we can all do our bit to make a difference!”

Get involved… #GetFrugal

Gemma’s encouraging consumers to get involved, #getFrugal and sign the petition here to get all UK coffee shops doing their bit for the environment and using recyclable cups.

Stay tuned to find out which coffee shops will be the first to stock Gemma’s amazing design: